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Use Your Voice Workshop

How do you define the role women play in our society? How far have we really come? How far do we have to go? What would change if more women received equal pay, were equally represented in the media, and had a consistent seat at the table? On my radio show Your Call, I regularly interview brilliant women who second guess themselves and question their level of expertise. Why is this happening? Why do women have a hard time speaking with authority? These are the questions that led me to start the Use Your Voice workshops.

We need your voice. What you do, what you’re passionate about, and what you believe in matters. The media shape the way we perceive the world, crucial issues, ourselves, and each other. We must be a central part of that narrative.


In the workshop, we focus on:

*Speaking and writing with confidence, authority, and expertise
*Getting your message out in an engaging and effective way
*Promoting your work with pride and confidence

Women make up 51% of the population, but our voices are missing in the national dialog:

*The guests on the Sunday morning political shows are overwhelmingly conservative, white, and male, according to Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting; In one-on-one interviews, 70% of partisan-affiliated guests are Republican, white (92%), and male (86%)
*Approximately 85% of op-eds in the major dailies are written by men
*Of the 143 columnists writing for the nation’s top three newspapers and four syndicators, just 38 are women, according to
*Men were quoted 3.4 times more often than women in Page 1 stories published in the New York Times during January and February 2013, according to a University of Nevada at Las Vegas analysis (breaking down the numbers, women were quoted in 465 of 2,411 news articles — that’s just 19%)
*On National Public Radio, women represented only 26% of all sources in 2010
*Women comprised 36% of staffers at 978 daily newspapers, a figure that has remained unchanged since 1999, according to the 2013 American Society of News Editors Newsroom Census

In order to change these statistics, we need your voice! Please contact me to organize a workshop.

Workshop Testimonials

"I walked away feeling empowered about myself and ready to promote the work I do without feeling like I'm showing off (which men do all the time)."
-Saba G

"This workshop woke me up to see how desperately women's voices need to be heard today. It was powerful to hear stories about how women unconsciously discredit and doubt themselves, despite their accomplishments. I now feel more confident in my own ability to speak with authority and impact others."
-Christina Cunnison

"I coordinated with Rose in December 2015 to host a "Use Your Voice" Workshop with my professional women's networking organization Good Ol' Girls. Not only is Rose responsive and enthusiastic to work with, but she is incredibly well-rounded and well-versed in the social justice issues and industries of our members. This workshop sold out in record time for our organization. Attendees expressed their excitement and appreciation for the topics discussed, as well as the practical knowledge gained. The workshop was such a success that we decided to partner with Rose again just four months later. I highly recommend working with Rose if you are looking to host an innovative and effective workshop.”
-Alex Doll, board member, Good Ol’ Girls

"These tools are crucial. This workshop made me realize that I often sell myself short and am afraid to speak my mind for fear I won't be taken seriously. No more second guessing myself."
-Anna S

“Thank you for leading such an incredible workshop. I got so much out of it on many different levels. Hearing about your experience and strength was very inspirational to me and I've already started to work on a side project from the workshop.”
- Christina F